Sea Transport


As Haraka Maritime Transportation Company, we take pride in providing our customers with reliable and effective sea transportation solutions. We strive to meet transportation needs while keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Utilizing our expertise in maritime transportation, we offer cost-effective and timely solutions to our customers. Through our extensive network and collaboration with worldwide shipping companies, we ensure the safe transportation of all types of cargo by sea.

We provide customized transportation solutions according to our customers’ needs. Whether it’s transporting cargoes of various sizes in containers that comply with international standards or utilizing Ro-Ro transportation, we deliver them to the destination. We take special measures for the transportation of sensitive and valuable cargoes, ensuring a secure logistics experience.

With a technology and efficiency-focused approach, we optimize transportation processes. Our experienced teams closely track the transported cargoes, providing timely information and maintaining communication at every stage.

At Haraka Maritime Transportation, we also prioritize environmental awareness and sustainability. We manage our transportation operations in a way that minimizes environmental impact and contributes to the protection of the seas.

We work without compromising on high-quality standards to meet our customers’ logistics needs. Our aim is to be a leader in the industry with reliability, fast delivery, and a professional service approach.

As Haraka Maritime Transportation Company, we are delighted to collaborate with our customers, providing them with high-quality services and supporting their achievements. Moving forward, we aim to maintain and enhance our leadership in the field of maritime transportation by continuing our customer-oriented approach.

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